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Infrared Relay System

  1. 5 ways to add style to your bedroom

    5 ways to add style to your bedroom
    The bedroom is the place we head for when we are tired and desperately need to rest.  Yet, it is also the space we like spending time in when we want to simply sit back and enjoy life.  So, it doesn’t quite make sense to have a bedroom that is sleepy all the way. It deserves a bit of style...
  2. What is an Infrared Relay System?

    To better understand how our Infrared Relay System works, it best to first explain the difference between Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) commands.  Radio frequency commands can go through wood.  A garage door opener uses RF commands to open the garage door.  Infrared commands cannot go through wood.  IR commands must have direct line of sight with IR sensor...
  3. Build Your Own Cabinet Using our TV Lift Mechanism with 12-Volt Trigger

    Are you a “Do-it-Yourself” person?  Then perhaps building your own TV Lift Cabinet and installing our lift mechanism is the best solution for you. One of our customers, who purchased our Uplift 3700 Lift mechanism, recently shared his project results with us.   He was able to convert a birch dresser cabinet into his own TV Lift Cabinet.  He removed the...
  4. How Remote Controls Work

    No one can deny the convenience of a television remote control these days. And now they seem to be able to do most anything – from changing channels to initiating recordings. But what is the technology behind these little devices that make them magically bring up the TV guide or raise and lower your flat screen television in your TV...
  5. How a TV Lift Protects Your TV and Media Players

    In today’s economy, everyone is looking to protect what they already own, and a TV, DVD player, stereo system and gaming console are investments that are 1) expensive and 2) need to be protected from damage. Thankfully, keeping them tucked away and yet always accessible in a TV lift cabinet is the wisest one-stop solution. Instead of keeping your TV...

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