The bedroom is the place we head for when we are tired and desperately need to rest.  Yet, it is also the space we like spending time in when we want to simply sit back and enjoy life.  So, it doesn’t quite make sense to have a bedroom that is sleepy all the way. It deserves a bit of style and a dash of creativity too.  There are tons of ideas that you can use, but here are our favorite ones: 
  • Minimize the clutter- Just like you can’t think straight when there are too many thoughts cluttering up the mind, clutter in the bedroom totally kills the style. A style can evolve only when you get the clutter out of the way. Some things can straightaway be put away or even discarded, but then there is the clutter than you have to live with- the mess of wires and gadgets around the TV. Since you can’t quite throw it out, the next best thing is to camouflage it in a hidden TV lift cabinet. The hidden TV lift cabinet will have enough space for your TV, the wires, and other accessories and gadgets. All you will see is the neat front of the cabinet, while the mess gets hidden away. 
  •  Play with the lighting- Simple light fixtures are functional, but boring. Lighting can work magic in any space. You could place some lamps on the nightstands, or even a freestanding single lamp in a corner. Overhanging lamps can also do wonders to the room. Having various sources of light will help you play around with the intensity of light you want in the room, and where you want it. So, let there be light! 
  • Touch up on texture- Textures add a lot of character to a space. You can add texture in many ways, right from your choice of curtains, bed linens, headboard, cushions, the rug and even the furniture in the room. Wood itself has a great texture; so, anything wooden adds to it, be it the dresser, the hidden TV lift cabinet or the nightstands.
  • Work the walls- The walls of the bedroom are like a huge canvas, waiting to get an imprint of your personality. Bare walls are barely impressive. Use this space to put up artistic wall pieces, mirrors or even gun concealment mirrors if you own a gun. These mirrors will add style to your walls and also keep your guns safe, right under your observation. Framed art can help contribute to the theme of the room while also pepping it up. 
  • Make it tech-free- The simplest way to enjoy your bedroom space is to make it a tech-free zone for at least some period of time each day. No, you don’t have to throw covers over the TV and make it look like a ghost. We don’t recommend Halloween rehearsals each day! Just grab the remote and with the press of a button, whisk the TV away into a stylish hidden TV lift cabinet. Your room is now tech-free. Use this time to have meaningful conversations, or read a book, or even meditate. The good thing is that the TV isn’t a distraction as long as it is out of sight.
When you have one life and that too a busy one, the least you can do for yourself is to use your bedroom to unwind in style.