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  1. Customer Spotlight – Elizabeth from St. Petersburg, FL

    Welcome in to Elizabeth’s St. Petersburg home!  Elizabeth chose our Craftsman TV lift cabinet for her house.  She enjoys collecting art and pottery and found our Craftsman TV lift cabinet the perfect solution for displaying her art while at the same time concealing her flat screen TV.  Elizabeth opted to switch out the wood panel and insert speaker cloth for...
  2. The Advantages of Owning a Pop-Up TV Lift Cabinet

    A pop-up TV lift cabinet provides its owner many fine advantages. Many of them have been noted in all the positive reviews ImportAdvantage receives for its TV lift cabinets, but here is a list of why you should own a pop-up TV cabinet. A TV lift cabinet can save you much-needed space in any room. Much less bulky than a...
  3. The Power of Reviews

    According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, 71 percent of shoppers say they rely on other shoppers’ reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product. 83 percent of shoppers feel more confident about their purchase decision if they do their own research online versus consulting an in-store salesperson, and 79 percent of shoppers believe they save...
  4. How Our TV Lift Cabinets are Handcrafted

    Every TV lift cabinet that ImportAdvantage offers is handcrafted with the utmost precision. How is this done? By controlling the design and manufacture of each element that goes into their cabinets, they can strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The quality of an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is very important. Over 20 in-house inspectors assure that exacting standards...

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