According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, 71 percent of shoppers say they rely on other shoppers’ reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product. 83 percent of shoppers feel more confident about their purchase decision if they do their own research online versus consulting an in-store salesperson, and 79 percent of shoppers believe they save more time by researching online rather than getting their information at a store. ImportAdvantage has made it easy for any shopper to shop for a TV lift cabinet online because they publish reviews for all their products, as well as provide in-depth specifications and uses for all their pop-up TV cabinets. The power of a customer’s first-hand review of how our product actually lives up to its promise is valued at ImportAdvantage, and we encourage our customers to leave an honest review of the product they purchased and have tried out in their home. Whether it’s a TV lift cabinet, a foot of the bed pop-up TV cabinet or just the TV lift mechanism, you can find honest customer reviews at ImportAdvantage. So feel free to research for yourself why an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet lives up to its reputation. You can see the full line of pop-up TV cabinets here.