In today’s economy, everyone is looking to protect what they already own, and a TV, DVD player, stereo system and gaming console are investments that are 1) expensive and 2) need to be protected from damage. Thankfully, keeping them tucked away and yet always accessible in a TV lift cabinet is the wisest one-stop solution. Instead of keeping your TV resting on a low coffee table or behind breakable glass doors, a pop-up TV cabinet quietly lowers it into a hand-crafted and solid hardwood cabinet. The TV is secured to the TV lift mechanism, so there are no fears of accidental tipping. And when you store your media players in a traditional entertainment center in plain sight, which is where they would normally need to be in order for your remote control to work properly, they are at risk for dust damage and small fingers inserting objects for which they are not meant. These expensive media players are also susceptible to spilled drinks. However, in a TV lift cabinet these media players are kept safely behind closed doors, and their remote controls still work due to the standard Infrared Relay System. As added bonus, when you protect your electronics in a pop-up TV cabinet, you are adding a stylish centerpiece to your décor. As all ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets are hand-crafted, and there are many different styles to choose from, you will be confident that you have made a wise decision to protect your investments in a pop-up TV lift cabinet.