Did you know that you can surf the web right from you bed through your TV? Sure, most people can check email or tool around on the Internet from their smart phones and laptops, but smart phones are not designed for prolonged web searching, and dragging your laptop into your bedroom or sitting it on your lap on the couch can be cumbersome. Special devices for the TV have been around a number of years, such as WebTV (now MSN TV), which provides users a wireless keyboard, unique remote control and the ability to surf any web page while you are in your comfort zone. The Nintendo Wii also allows users to find their favorite websites without getting up from the sofa. Both Panasonic and EspriTV will soon be releasing televisions with built-in technology for accessing the Internet, complete with wireless keyboards. Imagine surfing the web while propped up in comfort on your bed pillows. A foot of the bed TV lift cabinet makes this dream a reality, by allowing your TV to raise up from an ornate, hand-crafted TV lift cabinet on command. And thanks to the built-in Infrared Relay System, which comes standard and pre-instralled on all ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinets, your wireless keyboard and remote will work flawlessly.