TV Lift Cabinet with the Most Storage
Many people look at an entertainment center as a purely utilitarian investment: it keeps your TV off the floor and where you can see it. Obviously, to earn the title of entertainment center, this must be true, but a really great entertainment center will fulfill so many more needs. For example, it should have plenty of space to store DVDs, other electronic components, or anything else that needs to stay nearby in the living room or bedroom. In addition, it's not unreasonable to want your entertainment center to match your bookcases, tables, or other nearby furniture. It should add to the overall aesthetic of the room, rather than being an eyesore that simply holds up your TV.

The living room or den is oftentimes the center of a family's life and is where many people spend a good deal of time. It is unwise to skimp on this part of your home. At TV Lift Cabinets, we have motorized entertainment centers that not only display your TV and provide storage for your items, they also add to the unified look of the room and enhance the appearance without sacrificing the functionality that is inherent to a TV lift.

Like a regular, non-motorized TV cabinet, our TV cabinets fulfill all the basic requirements of an entertainment center, but where they excel is tying the room's “look” together, protecting your expensive TV, and also allowing you to use it with the click of a button. It is even possible to store your electronics inside of our cabinets: the built in IR receiver allows remote control signals to reach your devices, even when they are completely stored within the cabinet. The Axiom TV Lift Cabinet is one of the largest units with storage we offer. Sacrificing looks for aesthetics was the way of things in entertainment devices for a long time, but now having to look at wires and monolithic electronic devices is no longer necessary to having a top-notch family room.