TV Lifts for Luxury HotelsOne of the biggest markets for TV lift cabinets and other functional TV furniture is the hospitality industry. A great way to maximize the space in hotel rooms and add to the novelty of the guest's experience. In many cases, having a TV lift cabinet in a hotel room adds a level of luxury to the trip that the guest may not be familiar with at home.

For hotels that want to cut costs and don't have the budget or inclination to put a TV lift cabinet in every room, we recommend equipping suites and luxury rooms with TV lift furniture. In addition, it's always a nice touch to add an adjustable TV lift in all handicapped rooms. Motorized lifts do wonders for adding class to a room and can certainly enhance the novelty factor of a guest's vacation.

In addition, oftentimes hotels have a set collection of furniture or a stylistic theme that is maintained throughout the premises. Many hotels focus on modern luxury while others sell a retro­-styled experience. Both can take advantage of having a motorized TV lift cabinet as a selling point. We offer many different styles, sizes, and finishes, including customized designs to fit in with the most unique hotel décor. Many of the world's most prestigious and exotic hotels feature TV lifts or TV lift cabinets as a feature and selling point. For example, the Obama's took advantage of the TV lift ­equipped presidential suite in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel when in Mumbai, India in 2010. All of the rooms in the “Heritage Wing” are equipped with TV lifts. Even hotel lobbies are increasingly supplemented with a motorized TV lift. Hotel owners love the capability of having the TV on for the morning news as guests make their way out or eat breakfast, but they especially love the versatility of being able to instantly hide the TV when guests are arriving in the afternoon.

If you are interested in adding the luxury and convenience of tv lift cabinets to your hotel or select rooms, contact us for bulk rate discounts. The