It’s official. Peak vacation season is here, and many people will be heading to airports or packing up the van for the annual family vacation. For families staying in hotels along the way, many want to make sure they have a “home” experience wherever they lay their heads each night. No worries. These days, hotels redecorate often – sometimes every three years. Many are creating a more contemporary style to traditional settings, making them more comfortable than ever for today’s discriminating consumers. And each year, many hotel trends and amenities find their way into home décor. One of the top amenities in top hotels continues to be luxurious bedding. Many hotels, like the Westin, are branding linens so families can be wrapped in softness every day. Feels so good. [caption id="attachment_3490" align="alignright" width="300"]Prism Swivel TV Lift Cabinet Prism is one of the most popular
models used in boutique hotels.[/caption]   Other amenities you’ll find are flat screen televisions and TV Lifts. Hotels are getting rid of huge lots of old bulky televisions and the massive armoires that held them. Clean and contemporary furnishings are the new normal. Rob Buehl, CEO of, says that his TVLiftCabinets are in hundreds of boutique hotels. “The hotels are looking for durable furnishings that can withstand the wear and tear of a continual stream of visitors. Our cabinets use a clear finish called Catalyzed Varnish that is extremely scratch resistant. Some of the most popular models you’ll find in hotels are Prism and Crystal Pointe. But one of the most interesting things is when we get calls from people who visit those hotels and want a TVLiftCabinet just like the one they had in their room for their flat screens.” So even though you can’t take home some of the other favorite amenities like free WiFi, room service, continental breakfasts or your personal concierge, it’s nice to know you can enjoy some of the latest amenities in the comfort of your own home. It’s almost like taking your vacation home with you.