RV travel RV shipments through October 2017 totaled 426,932 units, an increase of 17.6% from the same period in 2016. This continues seven consecutive years of shipments growth as the industry has bounced back from effects of the great recession. If you’re one of the thousands who purchased these RVs and plan to hit the road this spring or summer, it may be time to think about adding some smart furnishings for your home away from home (or for some full timers, your home, period). More and more companies are offering new designs that provide comfort, style and specificities for life on the road. There is much more opportunity for customization than ever, and many more ways to get what you want and need to live your best RV life. For instance, heavy built-in wooden elements are being replaced by alternate designs using synthetic foams and paper. People want all the amenities of home, it just takes a little engineering and creativity. Companies like TVLiftCabinet are also stepping up, offering products that serve dual purposes. TVMirrors that come in a variety of sizes are fully-functioning, smart televisions when you want to watch TV and beautiful and functional mirrors when not in use. Since “connectivity” is so big with today’s motorhome designs, the ability to access the Internet and satellites from the comfort of your living room is important. Information is power, especially when you’re in the middle of no-where. Want some other furnishing tips?  Check out some thoughts from KOA to get you started. Enjoy the journey.