Most of us hadn’t given the home office much thought until we were forced to stay home and work out of that semi-ignored space.  And that is when DIY Builds realized that their home office desperately needed an upgrade.  Once the upgrades started, there was no stopping them.  Here is what DIY Builds did with their home office.  You can see the whole build here. The old home office had two desks set up right next to each other. There was enough workspace, but the look did not tie in well together. So, he decided to create a twin computer table desk and added a special feature to it. He used the TV lift mechanism to hoist a TV on it, which he strategically hid behind the desk unit!  Turned out amazing. There are some undeniable advantages of having a hidden TV lift mechanism in your home office. 
  1. Raises the style quotient- More than anything else, automation adds a touch of luxury to the decor. With a simple press of the remote, the TV lift mechanism props the TV up. The TV suddenly appears, adding so much style to the set-up. 
  2. Doesn't interfere with the decor- Since the TV shows up only when you use the TV lift mechanism, the TV does not become the focus of attention. The home office remains an office, with the TV appearing only when needed.
  3. Optimum space utilization- Since the TV lift mechanism can easily fit in small spaces without taking up any wall space, this sort of set-up helps you save space and effort. You can fit a lot more in your office now. Whenever you want to take a quick TV break, you don't need to step out of your home office. 
  You could even choose to have a hidden TV lift cabinet instead of a simple TV lift mechanism. A TV lift cabinet is a cabinet that has a TV that has been mounted on a TV lift mechanism. Both the options work well at home and also in the home office. Check out our entire range of hidden TV lift cabinets and TV lift mechanisms. Any questions, feel free to reach out to us.