Family heirlooms are treasures and more often than not, we don't know what to do with them. But Jonathan at Jonathan Katz-Moses knew exactly what to do with the old vintage radio bar (that has been in the family for over 90 years) and a modern heavy-duty TV lift mechanism. Well, he put the two together and came up with a creative idea - house a secret self-raising bar in the radio. The project has turned out amazing. You can check out the tutorial here The most common problems with family heirlooms:
  1. Takes up room- Of course family heirlooms have their own place in life but the truth is that they still take up room and they are not necessarily in top-notch condition. More often than not a family heirloom can pretty much end up looking like vintage junk in the house.
  2. Zero utility- Something that is an heirloom is evidently old and chances are that it has lost its utility completely. For instance, the vintage radio bar, with its age showing,  just isn’t in sync with the decor. It needs restoration and a creative mind to help it find its place. 
  3. Emotional burden- Though logically the heirloom ought to be discarded, the feelings run so strong that it is impossible to give it away without feeling guilty. A complete guilt trap. 
The solution- use a TV lift mechanism to utilize the space and transform the heirloom into something functional and cool. A vintage radio bar becomes a secret modern bar, raised by the hidden TV lift mechanism. Similarly, an old cabinet can turn into a hidden TV lift cabinet, simply by installing a hidden TV lift mechanism and mounting a TV on it.  It's a win-win either way. You get to keep the heirloom, even show it off, while it becomes a useful piece of furniture, all thanks to the hidden TV lift mechanism that you can count on!