So, you’ve got a beautiful log cabin. It’s your go-to vacation spot, but man, do you miss the TV there! Suppose you do get a TV there, it’ll be an beautiful combination. So, what do you do? You try finding a solution to the possible issues.  The trouble that a TV can cause are:
  1. Clash with the decor-  Sleek, modern TVs, and rustic log cabins just don’t go together. While the cabin is old-world charming, a TV is a modern blackhole and at best an eyesore from the decor point of view. Completely ruins the look of the place.
  2. Ruining the mood- When you are out on an adventure vacation and want to spend quality time with family, without being bothered by devices, a TV is the last thing you want playing in the background. 
No, you don’t have to compromise on the decor or on your TV time. You just need to get smart, and get a hidden TV lift cabinet, or get craftsy like Kyle from HallStickFurniture and build a custom hidden TV lift cabinet using a hidden TV lift mechanism. You can watch the video here.  Kyle’s used cherry and black walnut wood that goes perfectly with the decor of the log cabin. It’s as if the hidden TV lift cabinet belongs there! Kyle’s masterpiece has successfully resolved all issues that a TV can cause.  And that’s how a piece of furniture, like a hidden TV lift cabinet, can align your life goals so well. Happy digital detox!