Thinking of having your own bar at home? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea:
    1. Show off your creativity- If you are creative, it’s gotta show, just like Shaun Boyd’s does, in these two videos- part one and part two of using a TV lift mechanism to build a modern home bar. The TV lift mechanism has been put away in a hidden compartment and the mechanics cannot be seen. What is seen, is the revelation of a liquor cabinet that has secret storage and looks awesome. That's a secret home bar!
  1. Favor and savor your favorites- There are times when you walk into a bar with a particular taste in your head. And, they don’t have it. Of course, you’ll settle for something else. With a home bar, you simply won’t be pushed to compromise. Your bar, your stock that lets you favor your favorites and savor them too.
  2. No timing hassles- Since you’re the boss, there are no opening and closing hours that you need to watch out for.  It brings total convenience, whether you are all by yourself, or have company. And you need to go nowhere!
  3. Timeless- A home bar is a permanent addition to the home, and is a feature that is style-wise, evergreen. A home bar is immune to home decor trends, mainly because it is a preferred detail that stands quietly unless you put it to use. Then it comes alive and adds the zing to life. Also, if your home bar is anything like Shaun Boyd’s TV lift mechanism project, it will never get in the way. It is compact and can be placed just about anywhere because the liquor won’t show unless you raise the TV lift mechanism
  4. Drink and dive- Oh yes, we said ‘Drink and dive’, not into the pool, but straight into your bed. That’s another freebie that comes with a home bar--peace of mind. You don’t need to take a cab home, beg a friend for a ride or drive home drunk. When your bar’s at home, all you need to do is simply dive into bed! No tickets, no hassles. 
Reasons enough to consider having a home bar? Cheers to that!