Alright, we know you're guilty of it. Your TV is probably propped up on some sort of makeshift table or in a hand-me down entertainment center. What happened to style? What happened to functionality? You know that you don't have to sacrifice both in your living room, especially with a TV as nice as yours. Start treating your TV like it should be by really storing it on a TV Stand that can fit it properly and offer the support and functionality it needs to make your living room one of your favorite spaces.

Besides being a great way to support your TV and bring it up to an appropriate viewing level, TV stands work to organize your living room and really create anchoring points in the space. Be sure that you're choosing TV stands or entertainment centers that work in well with the rest of your décor and help to reinforce the look and feel that you're going for in that particular space.

Finally, TV stands help to get your organized. With the right TV stand, there's no messing with tons of wires, no fussing with your devices, and no hunting through piles of DVDs to find the right movie. With shelves and drawers, the right TV stand can change the way you enjoy your living room by creating a proper place for everything.

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