Fan-Mail-Graphic Just like any retailer, we tend to get mail every now and again from customers wanting to let us know how we’re doing and what they think of our product. However, when we came across this letter a couple days ago it definitely stood out as one of the strangest endorsements we’ve ever received. Dear Import Advantage, I’m writing to let you know that the TV stand I recently purchased is single handedly responsible for saving my marriage. How, you may ask (or possibly not). Well I’m going to tell you. Like most red blooded American’s, I love me some good TV. Usually it’s sports, but in all honesty, I’m really not that picky. If there’s nothing else on, I’m certainly not above slumming it with The Girls Next Door or a VH1 Behind the Music special (Did you know Bobby Brown was voted out of New Edition???). So, after months of squabbling with my wife about the fact that it was time to finally upgrade our painfully obsolete 36 inch Sony Wega, I decided to just go off the grid and take matters into my own hands. What started as a trip to Best Buy to get a couple DVDs culminated in the purchase of a glorious 48 inch LCD. Most likely it was equal parts: great deal, overwhelming desire for a new TV, and frustration with my wife’s spending habits failing to include anything I actually deem important. In any event, I returned home with my new trophy and was immediately met by bitching and moaning the likes of which you wouldn’t believe. “Where are we gonna put that?” “That is way too big!” And, “What the hell were you thinking?” are some of the tamer phrases that were tossed around. After a bitter back and forth, the argument ended with me saying “Just leave it alone, I’ll figure something out,” and storming upstairs. I immediately started looking for viable options that would allow me to hide the TV and prevent my wife from being able to play the “It just doesn’t fit” card and make me take it back. I was not about to return to Best Buy with my tail between my legs because the wifey wouldn’t let me keep it. My manhood would never recover from that. Fortunately, my furious research brought me to your site. After clicking around several of your TV lifts, I found one that seemed like it would blend in perfectly with the furniture we already had in our family room. In an act of “F it, I’m doubling down” desperation, I decided to go for it. Even if it didn’t work out, I figured this would be a great stall tactic to get me past the narrow return policy window. A week later, the stand arrived and I quickly assembled it and setup my new TV inconspicuously at the center of our family room. My wife was less than thrilled, but I’d effectively dismantled her complaints about the TV dominating the entire room. Instead of having a perpetually displayed eyesore (which I think is beautiful by the way) we now have a great piece of furniture. I’m pretty sure she’s still not totally happy with the way this all played out, but in the end I got to keep my new TV, and she has a solution she’s at least willing to live with. I’m not sure what would have happened if you hadn’t come through for me in a pinch. I’m pretty sure it would have ended with either me returning the TV and heading into a downward spiral of shame at the sad shell of a man I’ve become, or, with my wife divorcing me because I’m such a stubborn a-hole. Either way, thanks for helping me out. Sincerely, Manhood Still Intact