Now that you’ve found your perfect television, where are you going to put it? Do you want to store it for safe-keeping when not in use? Then consider a TV lift. TV lift mechanisms can best be described as “now you see it…now you don’t” technology. Your television appears when you are ready to watch it, and disappears, safely, when you are done. Not only is this a space-saving option for your home or office, but it also allows the focal point of the room to be something besides the large-screen TV! Furthermore, TV lifts add an element of safety to any room because, when not in use, the TV is out of sight – and reach – preventing damage to the TV AND anyone who accidentally bumps it, which could result in TV toppling and injury. When researching TV lifts, the following should be considered:
  1. Structural Integrity: How is the TV lift manufactured? Are the parts plastic, synthetic or steel? After all, your television is an investment. You don’t want it to rest on parts that can wear and break over time.
  2. Mounting Method: Will your TV lift be mounted to a wall, ceiling, wall cabinet/console, foot-of-bed cabinet/console?
  3. Adjustable Height: Can your TV lift be “set” to consistently raise/lower to a specific height?
  4. Speed: How quickly will the mechanism lift/return the TV?
  5. Mechanical Mechanism: Which is more reliable for your TV lift: rack and pinion, scissor, or telescopic lift design?
  6. Motorization: Does your TV lift have a quiet motor with sufficient torque to handle the lifting requirements while meeting UL standards? Does it have safety features? (including thermal overload protection?)
  7. Noise: Is the TV lift mechanism quiet when lifting/retracting?
  8. Control Systems: How does the TV lift operate? For turn-key operation, look for computer chip-based technology that will provide the reliability and versatility to control the lift with radio remote control, infrared remote control or the ability to link the lift to a pre-existing home automation system.
  9. Cabinet Options: Is the TV cabinet/console made of real hardwood or prefabricated “wood-like” composite? Do you have a choice in wood types/colors? Can you choose a custom design for your cabinet?