Today, we are all asked to juggle multiple responsibilities – at work and at home - simultaneously. At work, we call it “cross-training”; at home and in our personal lives, we call it “multitasking.” Whatever YOU call it, it means that more is asked – and expected – of you than ever before. So, why shouldn’t we ask our furniture to do the same?

Consider your television. In the past, your television served as an “entertainment vehicle” for children, sports fanatics and do-it-yourself gurus. However, when the TV was idle, it did nothing…simply another “dust catcher” in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, waiting for its next “turn at bat.” Now, your television can “disappear” when not in use, and in its place, an exquisite, hand-crafted armoire, console or buffet can appear!

How is this possible?

Today, multitasking is not limited to humans! Even your furniture can play multiple roles in your daily life, thanks to state-of-the-art TV lifts.

TV lifts allow you to have your television “pop-up” out of a custom-designed piece of furniture because of innovative technology including silent remote control devices and infrared relays. When not in use, your TV is neatly and discreetly tucked away within a beautiful cabinet or console (made uniquely to your specifications), which can then be used as a serving table, desk, or even a book shelf! Talk about multitasking!

Not only are TV lifts ideal for rooms that have limited space (and therefore requiring all areas to serve multiple purposes) but TV lifts also add an element of safety to any room. Because they are securely stored when not in use, there is no chance of your large-screen television “tipping over” if bumped at a large gathering or curious toddlers attempting to “climb” up to the screen. Both your guests AND your television (which is itself an investment) are protected from damage and/or injury!

The idea that your TV can be “disguised” as a beautiful piece of furniture, in any room, is really the key to its ability to multitask!