Have you been putting off a TV upgrade for fear that the new 52” plasma your hubby has been eyeing will dominate your well–appointed den? Fear no more! Today’s big screen high-definition plasma televisions have their OWN appointments – TV lift consoles and cabinets! In the same way your cosmetics compact operates – you open your compact to powder your nose or check your lipstick, and then snap it shut (tucking it away until its next use) TV lift consoles and cabinets offer tasteful, discreet “compacting” of your high-end TV! TV lift technology was first introduced into the luxury hotel market, to help guests feel they had “escaped” their daily routine by offering a unique and relaxing experience. Creating the right ambiance was essential, so a minimalist approach to decorating was used. Enter the TV lift cabinet/console. These TV lift cabinets were hand-crafted from fine wood, including cherry, oak, pine, and mahogany. TV lift technology was developed to work via remote control, so a guest could press a button, and the TV would “lift” out of the cabinet silently, enabling operation from anywhere in the room. Once raised, the TV could be “swiveled”, allowing the screen to be adjusted for optimum viewing. The TV lift, the TV, the cable box, VCR (well, it was a VCR back then; DVD player today!) and accompanying wires were all “hidden” within the beautiful cabinet, out of the guest’s way. When TV watching was complete, with another simple push of the remote control, the TV submerged back into its cabinet/console, returning the luxurious suite to its former “Zen” state! TV lift technology is now available to EVERYONE, offering that peaceful, uncluttered atmosphere to your home, office, boat or RV! In addition to the inconspicuous nature of this technology, TV lifts also offer increased safety for your new investment. Because the TV itself is bolted to the TV lift, it cannot be bumped or knocked by rambunctious children, pets or party guests! Also, since the TV “disappears” into the cabinet when not in use, there is little chance for the screen to be scratched or smudged by everyday activities.