If you are thinking about adding a TV lift cabinet to your home, may we recommenced the Banyan Creek TV lift model? The Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet is expertly finished in a warm brown that compliments the grain of the wood.  It is a beautiful addition to any home or office. This particular model also allows for a great deal of customization.  Not only are there ample drawers and compartments for all of your audio and visual devices, but our infrared remote technology actually allows you to use your remote without opening the cabinet doors.   Our system actually relays the remote control command from your remote and into the cabinet, making things more convenient for you. Also, the center cabinet door panels are exchangeable.  The model comes with wooden panels, glass panels, and speaker cloth panels so that you can customize the look of your piece of furniture. So if you are considering a TV lift cabinet, make sure to check out the Banyan Creek model, available at Import Advantage.