So you've been to the Import Advantage website and you are intrigued by the idea of a TV lift cabinet.  You like the convenience of being able to lower your television into the safety of the entertainment center.  You like being able to have the decision to control what is on top of your cabinet. But you realize that most of the TV lift cabinets are pretty big.  These serve as a nice entertainment centers, but perhaps you were looking for something for a bedroom or an office.  Perhaps you were looking to add other pieces of furniture and needed a smaller unit. We've got you covered. If you want the same convenience and safety that a TV lift cabinet provides, but takes up a smaller space, consider a Foot of the Bed TV Lift.  These lifts are more akin to dressers. These units are beautifully finished and several colors of wood are available so that you can match the TV lift to your home décor.  Make sure to check out all of the selections at Import Advantage.