Most of the TV Lift Cabinet models we have at have traditional stained wooden finishes.  Although a nice piece of wooden furniture can look beautiful, we understand that there are some home decors that just don't blend well with the color of the wooden cabinets.

That is why we are proud to offer the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet. It is finished in a beautiful white linen that will allow it to easily fit in a lot of decoration patterns.  It also helps to give off a coastal, cottage, or antique appearance.

Like most of our models, the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet comes with the TV lift mechanism which can easily raise and lower the TV into and out of the cabinet.  The heavy-duty rack and pinion drive system will ensure that the process goes a smoothly and silently as possible.  The infrared relay remote system allows you to still input commands with your remote without keeping your cabinet doors open.

So make sure to visit if you think that this, or any model, is something you'd like to have in your home.