It's Earth Day and that means that it's time to start considering what you can do to help Mother Nature. If you're looking to get a new TV lift cabinet or if you just want to switch from a TV cabinet or stand to a wall mount, then don't just focus on what's new. You can be helping the environment by taking a look at what's old and on its way out. Instead of just tossing your old TV cabinet to the curb for trash day, consider some of these easy ideas for recycling your furniture. First and foremost, look into ways to donate your furniture. You'll get a tax write off and you'll be able to help a shelter, charity, or other organization that's in need of furniture to furnish a home, office, or other facility. Look for options in your community or coordinate with local charities to find the best way to donate your furniture. Or, you can also consider repurposing or refinishing your TV lift cabinet as a unique table in a foyer or office space. Play around with different finishing treatments, new paint, or other elements that can breathe new life into your old TV cabinet. Finally, you can consider listing your TV cabinet for sale or for free on a site like Craigslist or Freecycle. It's super easy and you might even make some money from your old TV cabinet.