A plasma TV can be a great addition to any home, but like any other piece of electronics, it needs special care. Here are some tips from ImportAdvantage.com on how to care for you plasma TV.

First off, let it breathe. Plasma screens generate a lot of extra heat, which means that if there’s not enough ventilation and cooling around the TV, it’ll burn out electrical components sooner rather than later. Make sure that your TV has plenty of open space around it and check in the manufacturer guide for tips on venting.

Second, keep it dry. Exposure to excessive humidity, spills, and other moisture can destroy electrical parts in your plasma TV and can cause damaging corrosion. Keep it a room that doesn’t change temperature rapidly.

Finally, make sure your TV has a solid foundation – or piece of furniture – to rest on. ImportAdvantage.com carries a great selection of TV cabinets and plasma TV stands that are perfect for keeping your TV steady and safe from falling.