ImportAdvantage Infrared Relay System
These days, remote controls are used for more than flipping channels and adjusting the volume of your favorite television programs. With the invention of DVR technology and instant movie-watching devices like the Wii® and Roku®, you can pause, rewind and record any show at any time, which means your remote control is a powerful tool for TV viewing. Thankfully, the doors of our TV lift cabinets won’t get in the way of your remote control, thanks to our unique Infrared Relay System which allows the transference of your remote signal to any remote-capable device placed in the TV lift cabinet departments.

The built-in Infrared Relay System repeats the signal from your remote control and relays it inside the cabinet, allowing you total control of all your devices without opening the doors and without experiencing any lag time. Moreover, all of our furniture comes with the Infrared Relay System already included at no extra charge, and no special programming is needed on the Infrared Relay System or on your device. That is because the Infrared Relay System in our TV lift cabinets utilizes four to six high-output infrared flashers, which locate your equipment immediately without programming.

Our patented Infrared Relay System keeps unsightly cable boxes and gaming units hidden behind beautifully crafted doors so you can get the most out of your TV lift cabinet.