Are you ready to bring a beautiful Axiom TV Lift Cabinet home to your living room, or any other fine pop-up TV lift cabinet, but a few of your family members are worried about having their Wii gaming console shut behind closed doors? Do not worry, the wireless controls that have made the Wii a household sensation will work flawlessly through the doors of any foot of the bed or standard TV lift cabinet thanks to ImportAdvantage’s unique, built-in Infrared Relay System.

The Infrared Relay System comes standard in every TV lift cabinet, so storing away the Wii gaming console, a cable or satellite box, your DVR or TiVo, or any instant movie player behind the handcrafted doors of an ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinet will give any room in your house a touch of elegance without interfering with their operation.

The team of skilled artisans who craft these TV lift cabinets have over 30 years of experience, and they have created handcrafted furniture for clients like Polo Ralph Lauren. Their eye for detail and space-saving design leave little to be desired and can please the most exacting, Wii-playing member in your household.