[caption id="attachment_282" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Axiom TV Lift Cabinet"]Axiom TV Lift Cabinet[/caption] The Axiom TV Lift Cabinet is ImportAdvantage’s solution to a sophisticated pop-up cabinet that offers clean lines and portrays a minimalist effect on the eye. Reminiscent of mid-Twentieth Century furniture, the Axiom TV Lift Cabinet features three open cabinet spaces above the enclosed media cabinets that are perfect for storing books, cds or your remote controls. Built from American Maple hardwood, this cabinet is shipped fully assembled and ready for use. It comes standard with the Uplift 3700 lift mechanism and built-in Infrared Relay System, which allows you complete remote access to your media players while the cabinet doors remain closed. The Axiom TV Lift Cabinet can hold a TV that weighs up to 130 pounds and measures up to 54” wide, 5” deep and over 32” in height. It is perfect for placement against any wall in your home, at the foot of your bed or even in a small office. You can customize the look of your Axiom TV Lift Cabinet by interchangeable wood or speaker cloth panels, which are included. A built-in ventilation shelf keeps all your equipment cool, and back panels allow for quick and easy access to your components. Take a moment to check all the positive reviews the Axiom TV Lift Cabinet has received, and if you already own one, let us know what you think of it here.