At ImportAdvantage, your security is our top priority. As there are countless new computer viruses and internet scams being launched every day, savvy shoppers are looking for the trademarks of safe and secure online shopping. This is why ImportAdvantage is proud to be certified as a McAfee SECURE site, which means our site is tested daily for online threats, and we keep a current QuickSSL certificate that carries the highest level of encryption and security possible. All this means that when you send us your credit card information for purchasing one of our fine handcrafted TV lift cabinets, that information is encrypted and protected, and when you browse your identity is kept anonymous. Your email address is also considered private information to us, so we will never sell or rent your email address to anyone, and we only use it to send you order-related announcements, such as shipping confirmations, or for company promotions. Access to your information is completely restricted, and we require all employees to check in and wear valid ID badges. You can also request that your personal information be removed upon completion of your order. ImportAdvantage is serious about your online safety, so you can shop with confidence when you shop direct with us. Tell us, do you look for a security certificate before you place an internet order?