Are you an interior designer, or are you thinking about hiring one to decorate your home? Interior designers love ImportAdvantage’s line of TV lift cabinets, and here’s why.

Our pop-up TV cabinets can create that “WOW” effect in any room, and their performance is unmatched by any other vendor.

Our TV lifts are incredibly reliable, easy to use and quiet, and designers are always looking for the best furnishings for their clients, especially since they are putting their names on the work they do for their clients. No designer wants to be responsible for recommending a product that is going to fail, even if they have no control over making that product.

Designers also look for a solid warranty for every product they suggest, just in case the improbable does happen. And with ImportAdvantage, every product we sell comes standard with a free 1 Year In-Home Warranty, with an option to upgrade to a 5-Year Total Care Warranty, which covers against damages like liquid marks or stains, burns and scratches.

And most importantly, designers are always looking for top-notch products that are also affordable for their clients, and ImportAdvantage helps people save up to 50% off retail prices because they are shopping direct from the factory. It’s no wonder why designers love to work with us, and we think you will too!