Whether you are a devotee of Feng Shui or just need to get your house in order. One of the top tips professional organizers and “de-clutterers” often give their clients is to invest in a TV lift cabinet for storing their flat-screen TVs. And ImportAdvantage couldn’t agree more! With 40 different styles to choose from, including eight unique foot of the bed pop-up TV cabinets, we are confident you will find one to please your professional organizer and suit your home. What professional organizers seem to like most about TV lift cabinets is their ability to give a room a larger “feel,” while also having space to store things like photos, media and books. TVs, especially large flat-screen TVs, can sometimes be distracting when sitting out on an empty-looking TV stand surrounded by little black boxes (media players) and enveloped in a clump of electrical cords. With a custom hardwood TV lift cabinet, your room retains its elegance without sacrificing technology. The principles of de-cluttering and organizing are truthfully about maximizing space. Traditional TV stands are built to do one thing, keep your TV sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of your living room or bedroom. A TV lift cabinet breaks the mindset that a TV has to remain motionless, and that your TV stand can’t do more than hold electronics. A pop-up TV cabinet essentially consolidates two pieces of furniture into one – an ornate wood cabinet and a TV stand. You get the best of both worlds, being able to store keepsakes and photos on parts of the cabinet or behind cabinet doors (at ImportAdvantage, most of our cabinet doors can be interchanged with wood or mesh panels, but you can also install your own custom glass if desired). With a TV lift cabinet, your options are nearly limitless and your house is one giant step closer to being “de-cluttered!”