Are you creative, have a few woodworking skills and tools, and looking for something to do before winter sets in? Perhaps you also have a piece or two of furniture lying around that you don’t yet have a good use for. Why not make your own custom TV lift cabinet? It’s easy, saves you money, and with an ImportAdvantage TV lift, you will have a reliable and quiet TV lift cabinet in no time at all. There are numerous instructional sites for DIY-type, such as Instructables and Makezine, but the most important step to take before making your own TV lift cabinet is finding the right TV lift. ImportAdvantage has a unique measurement guide that will show you which TV lift mechanism will be right for your TV. Are you ready to get started? Here’s an overview of the steps required to build your own TV lift cabinet. Grab your chest of drawers, hutch or cabinet you’ll be converting into a high-end TV lift cabinet and read on. Step 1: You’ll need to remove a top section of the cabinet big enough for the TV pass through, and you must clear out a space large enough to house the TV when it is lowered (i.e. cabinet drawers, dividers, frame support). Step 2: Save the top cut-out piece and hinge it to the cabinet, so the top of the cabinet will have a solid surface when the TV is not in use. Step 3: Securely attach the ImportAdvantage TV lift mechanism to the cabinet. You may need to build a support structure to hold the TV lift. Now attach your TV to the TV lift. Step 4: Reattach the face of the cabinets or drawers to the front so it appears to be a working chest of drawers or hutch. Step 5: Plug in your TV and TV lift and press the button on your remote. You’re done!