Would you like to add a touch of technology to your kid’s stuffed animal-filled, puzzle-piled playroom? One of the most unique and useful touches you can add is a TV lift. Whether you buy a complete, handcrafted TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage or just the Uplift mechanism for building your own cabinet, your kids will be amazed when they see a flat screen TV magically and quietly rise out of nowhere.

While some may question whether putting a TV in the playroom will actually encourage more TV-watching, it’s actually easier to control how much TV your kids watch because you can control when the TV is accessible and when it isn’t. If your kids can’t see a TV, they may be less likely to ask to watch it.

And when it comes to safety, a TV lift cabinet can’t be beat. A TV kept in a pop-up TV cabinet is attached securely to the Uplift mechanism, making it virtually impossible for a child to tip over the television. And with the selection of hardwoods ImportAdvantage uses to construct its TV lift cabinets, it will stand up to the knocks and kicks it might receive in the playroom.

So go ahead and check out our full line of TV lift cabinets and TV lift mechanisms. You and your kids will be happy with our extensive selection.