ImportAdvantage offers a wide variety of reliable and quiet TV lifts for practically any size flat-screen television. Unlike other models of TV lifts, the ImportAdvantage Uplift TV lift incorporates a heavy-duty rack and pinion system that will provide years of solid performance, and the prices of the Uplift TV lift mechanisms simply cannot be beat.

All Uplift TV lifts come with a standard Universal TV bracket, making mounting your TV on the TV lift easy and quick. Each Uplift TV lift mechanism also comes with perfectly calibrated gears and slides, a 1-year in-home warranty, a built-in wire management chain, a radio frequency remote control, numerous safety features and is ultra-silent when in operation.

Knowing which TV lift to match with your TV is easy. The Uplift is available in the following models: Uplift 3250, Uplift 3500, Uplift 3700 and the Uplift 3875. For smaller flat-screen TVs, the Uplift 3250 offers a travel distance of 28” (fully up in only 30 seconds) and will hold a TV weighing up to 130 pounds and measuring 32” – 46”.

The Uplift 3500 TV lift will hold a TV weighing up to 130 pounds and measuring 32” – 50”, and it has a 30.5” travel distance. It only takes 35 seconds and the press of one button to fully extend. For larger flat-screen plasma TVs, the Uplift 3700 TV lift will easily lift a TV up to 130 pounds and measuring between 32” – 52”. Its travel distance is 32.75” and is fully and quietly raised in 37 seconds.

For the largest TV lift available from ImportAdvantage, the Uplift 3875 is the answer. It will lift a TV up to 150 pounds in 39 seconds. It will also fit any flat-screen TV between 32” – 60”.

So no matter what flat-screen TV you have, ImportAdvantage has a TV lift to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!