ImportAdvantage’s signature TV lift, known as the Uplift, raises TVs to full-extension at the rate of nearly 1”/second, making it faster than many of its competitors. And those with faster rising rates risk jarring your flat-screen TV and are typically louder than the ImportAdvantage Uplift mechanism.

So ImportAdvantage not only provides a quality, durable rack and pinion TV lift, but they have struck the fine balance of speed, whisper-quiet operation and unbeatable low prices in their products. And they have made this quality lift easy to install – taking less than five minutes from start to finish.

The Uplift TV lift has another key feature that sets it apart from its competitors – its ability to accept a range of TV sizes. Most other TV lifts are restricted to hold a TV within a 10” span, so if you decide you want to upgrade your TV after already investing in a TV lift, you are faced with purchasing a new lift mechanism for your TV. With the Uplift, most of the larger units can hold TVs that are almost 30” apart in size, so your new TV upgrade won’t break the bank.

Speed, silence, hyper-fast set-up and versatility – these are the features that make up the ImportAdvantage Uplift TV lift mechanisms.  Check them out today!