[caption id="attachment_633" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Soho Fireplace TV Lift"]Soho Fireplace TV Lift[/caption]

Right now hopefully everyone is enjoying a tasty Thanksgiving meal with friends and family, only to enjoy the post-meal nap or football game. But wouldn’t it be great to watch the game while cozying up to a warm fireplace at the same time? This dream can come true with the Soho Fireplace and TV lift by ImportAdvantage. Both a handcrafted TV lift cabinet and a working 33” electric fireplace, the Soho Fireplace is a true work of inspiration and a perfect fit for a winter’s day.

Both the fireplace and TV lift cabinet come with a remote control, so you won’t need to leave the couch to warm your hands or channel surf to your favorite show. The Soho Fireplace also features two neatly concealed doors that open to shelves for storing your media players.

The handcrafted Poplar cabinet comes in either an Espresso or Caramel finish (your choice), and the TV is fully protected from the fireplace’s heat because of a full partition wall that blocks high temperatures. The fireplace can also be used with or without heat, but is capable of 5,000 BTUs.

The Soho Fireplace and TV lift cabinet can hold a TV measuring up to 56” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds. It fits perfectly against any wall in your home, including in the bedroom.

So as you are enjoying the company of your guests this Thanksgiving and planning out tomorrow’s high-spirited Black Friday, think about how a new Soho Fireplace will look in your living room this Christmas.