Do you know you are in the market for a TV lift but you are not sure which one you want? ImportAdvantage has made it easier for you to decide by putting together a Comparison Chart for all their TV lift cabinet models. Now you can compare, side by side, the features and benefits of owning any one of our handcrafted pop-up TV cabinets. Listing everything from price, overall dimensions, maximum storage space behind the doors, drawer storage, finish, hardware and the life expectancy of the TV lift mechanism, the ImportAdvantage Comparison Chart makes shopping online for a TV lift a snap. Where else can you get so much detail, so many features, laid out for you so cleanly and neatly? If only all online shopping were this easy! ImportAdvantage not only designs these TV lift cabinets, but manufacturers them as well, so we know every detail and every inch put into their production. You would be hard-pressed to know a product so intimately if it were constructed overseas and shipped to the company in a box, never being measured or checked over before being shipped out the warehouse door to a customer. Our Comparison Chart is one of the many things that set ImportAdvantage apart from our competition – this and the fact that we have over 30 years experience making fine furniture!