If you might be shopping for a new flat-screen TV and TV lift cabinet this holiday season, you will want to ensure you find the right match. Luckily, ImportAdvantage has made is easy to find the right handcrafted pop-up TV cabinet for your new TV with a convenient Measurement Guide, which you can print and take with you to the store.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller flat-screen for your bedroom, or ready to upgrade to a 60” centerpiece for the living room, ImportAdvantage has a beautiful, hardwood TV lift cabinet that will accentuate your new TV in style. And to give you plenty of choices to match your home’s décor, ImportAdvantage makes their pop-up TV lift cabinets versatile, fitting TVs of all sizes.

When ImportAdvantage lists a recommended TV size on the Measurement Guide, it’s listed as the Max TV Dimension, meaning you can fit a flat-screen up to that Max size. So when you are out shopping for the TV in your budget, you can easily see which of the many TV lift cabinets fall into that size category. We all like simple, right?

So feel free to go big with the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet (fits TVs up to 60”) or find one for the foot of your bed, like the Notting Hill XS TV Lift Cabinet (fits TVs up to 32”). With ImportAdvantage, you have plenty of beautiful options.