[caption id="attachment_759" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Nintendo DS, courtesy Nintendo.com "]Nintendo DS[/caption]

Some of you may have received a new Nintendo DS handheld gaming device for Christmas this year, and though you’re probably already in tune with whatever game or games you got with it, you may be wondering if it has any other unique capabilities.

One of its features is that people can watch recorded TV shows and movies on the Nintendo DS by placing them on a MicroSD card and loading the card into a M3 DS Simply adapter. After a quick software setup on the Nintendo DS, you’ll be watching your favorite movies in astoundingly great quality in no time. Anytime you’re ready for a different movie or show, just pop it on your MicroSD card and back into your adapter and viola!

While this is great for portability and convenience, many Nintendo DS owners wonder if they can save their eyesight by playing their favorite DS games on their home TV by connecting the two devices. And while there is no “official” way to do so, some have had success by sliding a screen adapter over the DS and connecting RCA cables between the adapter and “Video In” port on the TV. The screen adapter essentially mirrors what it sees on the DS screen and projects it into the TV. A word of caution, however, is that if you don’t place the screen adapter on correctly, it could skew the image you see on the TV.

Other DS users claim success by modifying their units beyond manufacturing guidelines, but this is not recommended. Some speculate that the future of the DS will include ways of linking it to one’s TV via Wi-Fi, but Nintendo has not released any official word to this effect yet. But wouldn’t it be nice to sit back on your couch or in your bed, push a button to have your TV raise quietly out of your TV lift cabinet and then start up your favorite Nintendo DS game? Perhaps that day is not too far away.