[caption id="attachment_733" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet"]Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet[/caption] Bring home the beauty of fine Ash hardwood with the Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet, a flat-panel pop-up TV cabinet that offers ample storage for keepsakes and media players while adding a touch of class with its glass doors (with the option of interchanging with wood panels). The Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet is part of the new line of TV lift cabinets available at ImportAdvantage.com. It is finished with a beautiful patina on top of richly colored hardwood. The TV lift can house a TV weighing up to 80 pounds and measuring between 32” – 55” wide. Six spacious drawers are mounted on premium, heavy-duty ball bearing drawer glides. The Ash wood used in the Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet was selected because of its unique properties, including one of the best strength-to-weight ratios and extremely straight grains. And with all the hardwoods that ImportAdvantage selects for its TV lift cabinets, the Ash wood Carlyle TV Lift Cabinet blends beauty, functionality and a unique design. Find out for yourself why this TV lift cabinet is now an integral part of the ImportAdvantage line of pop-up TV cabinets and why its owners recommend it to their friends.