[caption id="attachment_867" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Oakley 3D Gascan"]Oakley 3D Gascan[/caption]

The world of 3-D technology, movies and movie players is clearly on its way to becoming a large part of the industry standard, and something is going to have to be done to mitigate the number of disposable 3-D glasses tossed out after every big-screen release. In fact, nearly 800,000 disposable plastic 3-D glasses were handed out each day during Avatar’s peak in popularity. No one wants all those 3-D spectacles winding up in their area landfill. So what’s the solution? It’s buying your own pair of stylish 3-D glasses and using them at home when watching a 3-D flick in front of your TV lift cabinet, or while you’re with friends at the local theater, or (before long)while you’re at the corner bar watching a 3-D sports event.

Oakley has been producing some of the most stylish sunglasses in the industry for a long time, and now with the release of their Oakley 3D Gascan, you can be sporting Oakley style day or night.

For something unique in the world of 3-D glasses, consider Look3D’s LK3D252GC, which takes off the fake tint on most 3-D specs and allows your date to gaze into your eyes. These also have some of the thinnest frames found on 3-D glasses to-date.

Polaroid will no longer be held hostage to its old-school pictures that turn from gray to milky white to a colorful image by whipping it back and forth through the air. The reason is because they offer Premium 3D Glasses for around $30. They’re lightweight and comfortable, too.

Probably everyone knows Calvin Klein designs, and if you like designer labels, check out the “ck3D” sunglasses that change automatically from day-wearing sunglasses to indoor 3-D glasses, but you will have to pay for the designer’s premium, as they run about $180 a pair.

Maybe not Top Gun-approved, the Moshka 3D Airframes are lightweight, aviator-style shades that are fun and come in black, white, pink or red, and they only run about $35.

If you really want to invest in a pair of designer 3-D glasses for home or away use, Gucci’s 3-D glasses (at $225 per pair) top the ticket. They might be exactly what you’re looking for, or you might want to go to the movies over 20 times for the same price.

Last but not least, the Look3D LK3D9042GC features a unique vintage design at a vintage price, $27.50 a pair. These glasses seem to honor the rich history of the cinema itself.

Are there any others we should check out? Let us know in your comments below.