Recently, launched a user poll asking the question, “What’s your tech-related resolution for the new year?” And the answers ranged from “Getting a new Android phone” to “Leveraging technology to get in shape”. Respondents could select as many resolutions as they wanted and the results (so far) are interesting. The poll is still live and receiving votes. But before we recap the results, it’s interesting to note some background information about New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions have been around for about as long as the New Year holiday has, which is really since 153 B.C., when the mythical king of early Rome, Janus, started appearing at the head of the calendar. It wasn’t until Julius Caesar started the 365-day solar calendar in 46 B.C. that we started celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1. January is named after Janus, who was a two-faced deity who could look back on the past and into the future at the same time. With this symbolism, various cultures adopted ways to celebrate how they could learn from the past and wish for positive changes in the future. In popular the American custom, the New Year is marked by a kiss at the stroke of midnight, purifying the new year ahead. In China, doors are marked with red paint, the symbol of good luck and happiness. From the desire to make good things happen in the coming year, New Year’s Resolutions were born. In this day and age, we turn to Mashable, with its educated and tech-savvy reading audience, as a credible source for where the culture of technology is headed, so their poll has special merit. In just 24 hours, over 2,100 votes have been cast in the poll and the top three resolutions are: -Getting an iPad (12+%) -Getting a new Android phone (12+%) -Improving my HDTV/home theater (11+%) With the incredible sales of Apple iPads this past season, it’s interesting to note that nearly as many people who plan to invest in an iPad in 2011 also plan to upgrade their TVs and home theaters. No doubt that some of these “resolute” shoppers will also look into complementing their new TV technology with a new remote-controlled TV lift cabinet. What else can showcase a new flat-screen as neatly and quietly as a TV lift? We’ll keep our eyes on this poll to see if it changes much, but clearly there’s a trend in home theaters being set in 2011. Have you gotten your new TV yet?