At the 2011 CES, Mashable, a top source for news in social and digital media, took a moment to highlight where Panasonic’s 3-D future might be headed. As shown in the video above, Panasonic isn’t announcing when their new interactive 3-D TV will be available to mass consumers, but it is nice to see a fine 3-D flat-screen that will easily work in our TV lift cabinets. According to Mashable, Panasonic hasn’t traditionally been known for their software development or user interface, but staff at Mashable are excited about the way users can manipulate icons in 3-D space, and everyone else should be too. Much like the Wii remote (and the upcoming Magic Wand for Apple TVs), Panasonic uses a special remote that controls on-screen elements and makes it faster and easier to access the content for which they’re really looking. Since this 3-D TV debuted at the 2011 CES, it is likely that it will be hitting some stores’ shelves this year, but there are no guarantees. If you do find one, though, drop us a line. We’d like to know about it. And if you purchase one yourself, snap a picture of it in your TV lift cabinet and send it over. We may feature it in a future blog post or on our Facebook page.