[caption id="attachment_840" align="alignright" width="400" caption="WOWee ONE"]WOWee ONE[/caption]

WOWee ONE is a compact, rechargeable and portable speaker that is producing some big sounds, and some big reviews. Different than other (cheaper) portable speakers, the WOWee ONE speaker can handle the “highs” and “lows” of sound through a hybrid technology, Gel Audio™, which delivers low end bass frequencies. In fact, it can produce sound about three octaves lower than traditional speakers. And interestingly, this portable speaker gives off slightly different sounds depending on where it is placed, as least according to Mashable’s recent review of the speaker.

As the number of iPods, iPads, mp3 and mp4 players, smart phones and computer applications continues to rise, the need for portable products is only going to increase as well. Today, it is estimated that nearly 30 million smart phones are used every day, and with applications like Pandora and Last.fm, people will appreciate hearing quality sound come from their streaming media player. Barely larger than an iPhone, the WOWee ONE portable speaker can be easily slipped into a back pocket, purse or backpack. However, many users of the portable speaker are primarily using it in their homes.

This is where Mashable’s recent review of the speaker becomes interesting. Reviewers tested the WOWee ONE Slim and found that its sound changed significantly depending on what type of surface it was laid upon. The reviewers found that the speaker “sounded best and warmest with wood.” So using this speaker with your mp3 player, iPad or smart phone while resting on a handcrafted, hardwood TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage could give your WOWee ONE portable, rechargeable speaker its best sound. Very interesting, indeed.

Using your TV lift cabinet to hold common goods like wallets, car keys or cell phones is not uncommon. In fact, since many TV lift cabinet models feature some flat “static” space (i.e. non-moving) on the cabinet top, it can be a convenient place to store your daily “grab-and-go” essentials. Now with the WOWee ONE portable speaker, your TV lift cabinet can be a truly versatile entertainment center.

The ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets with the most static space include the Cachet TV Lift with Bookcases, the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet and Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet, as well as the Seasons TV Lift Cabinet. Of course, you’ll find many more at ImportAdvantage.com.

So what other small items do you store on your TV lift cabinet? We’d like to know. Send us photos or comment below!