Very likely, Microsoft beat its own quota for selling the Kinect this Christmas shopping season. Planning to sell five million units before December 25th, it is estimated that sales actually topped six million units. Many customers even found the Kinect a hard item to locate in stores, but those who opened them on Christmas morning were likely spending the rest of the day moving and grooving to games like Dance Central or playing with their new pets on Kinectimals.

But now that the holidays are gone, and visiting families have traveled back to their homes (and work), the Kinect is giving people the opportunity to reconnect via video chat from the comfort of their own couch. Utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and an active Xbox LIVE Gold membership, users can initiate a video chat with any one or more than 300 million Messenger users worldwide, which means the other party does not have to have a Kinect too, as long as they have a webcam and a computer with Internet access.

Now, thanks to the Kinect, you can sit back in your favorite chair or on the couch, raise your TV out of your TV lift cabinet, turn on your Xbox 360 and video chat with your family.