Recently, 3D technology has exploded on the big screen. It was only a matter of time until TV followed suit. The advances being made in 3D imagery are ever-evolving.  However the idea of watching programs on a 3D TV mounted in a TV lift cabinet may not appeal to everyone.

Reports from the Consumer Electronics Show highlight different forms of 3D entertainment that are in the early stages of development. Some systems require the consumer to sport 3D glasses similar to what you would wear to view a 3D Movie. Sometimes the glasses are more advanced and take on an appearance similar to a virtual reality head set.  The most intriguing technology in my opinion was a Sony television that alternated images hundreds of times per second to send different pictures to each eye – no glasses required! Imagine that in your TV lift cabinet! How far away this technology is from being commonplace is debatable. The introduction of new technology is further complicated by studies showing that consumers are holding on to their possessions (Flat panel TVs included) for longer than ever before.  The after effects of the recession combined with the trend of “going green” and producing less waste have made consumers more inclined than ever to make their possessions last.

What are your thoughts on the new wave of 3D TV technology? Will you follow the tech trend or stick with your tried and true flat panel until an upgrade is absolutely necessary?