[caption id="attachment_1123" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Bermuda Run TV Lift Cabinet"][/caption] 1.)    Bring rattan wicker furniture Indoors- Rattan furniture has come a long way since your Grandmother’s circa 1950’s white wicker patio furniture.  Today there are many sophisticated styles of rattan wicker furniture that range from espresso to blonde finishes.  You can get sofas, chairs, night stands, and even a TV Lift Cabinet in rattan.  Try the Bermuda Run TV lift Cabinet to accomplish the island casual living lifestyle. 2.)    Use floor to ceiling windows – If you have an amazing view don’t hide it.  Show it off with floor to ceiling windows.  Who needs wall art if you have a spectacular view?  Plus large windows will allow for ample sunlight to shine through and brighten your living space. 3.)    Use plants – If you have a beautiful garden, why not carry it indoors?  Try adding a few hanging plants or flowers to your living room and kitchen.  Even if you do not have a green thumb, we recommend against using fake plants.  Instead try planting a Heartleaf Philodendron, otherwise known as the “sweetheart” plant.  It is extremely difficult to kill and will adapt to most environments. 4.)    Select natural flooring – carrying wood from your deck into your family room creates a seamless transition from one living space to another.  Try using bamboo or tiles that compliment your existing outdoor flooring. 5.)    Use outdoor lighting indoors – recently on a Devine Design episode Candice Olson used recessed outdoor floor lights in an indoor bathroom to create mood lighting around a spa tub.  Try using outdoor wall sconces or floor lights to carry through from your patio to your family room.  For social evening gatherings, your guests will feel like they are in five star luxury hotel.   [poll id="3"]