New TV - check !  New TV Lift Cabinet - check!  Now it is time to select your new digital television service provider.

With the introduction of digital television, two main service providers have emerged into the television market and are growing rapidly.  In the last few years, Verizon and AT&T have both expanded their influence by entering into the television market with the new age of digital/HD television. Verizon has launched FiOS and AT&T has launched U-Verse®.   We have done some research on both providers and are now going to share with you are findings.

TV ServiceConnection ImagePriceFeatures
Verizon FiOSfiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)

100 % fiber optic network
Excellent. Image is better for HD TV, image quality will still be excellent in bad weather$64.99 to  $99.99

bundled deals
Over 130 HD channels, 345 digital channels, 19,000 video On Demand titles every month, access Facebook and Twitter on your TV, Over 46 commercial-free music channels

Remote DVR programming via Web and cell phone, and much more…
AT&T U-Verse®fiber-to-the-node (FTTN)- AT&T will be switching gradually over to FTTPExcellent (but still uses old copper wiring which is subject to bad weather conditions).$19 to $137 bundled deals ; slightly more affordable than FiOS due to using existing copper wire infrastructureRecord up to four shows at once on a single DVR and can play them back in any room; Pause your recorded show in one room and pick it up in another, view Flickr photos on TV, choose your own Multiview channels you want to watch, Remote DVR programming via Web and cell phone, and much more…

To sum up the table above here are the key findings.

Verizon uses fiber connections while AT&T uses their existing copper wiring connections.  Fiber is a much better product than copper for transmitting information.  In lay man terms, this means that during a bad storm, your image quality will not be affected and you can go about watching your favorite shows with no image interruptions.    FiOS trumps U-Verse® with fiber connection.

AT&T, however, does provide more affordable bundled packages than Verizon.  This is partly because Verizon must cover the cost of laying down new fiber connections which is time consuming and expensive.  To cover for the cost of this expense, they have slightly higher consumer pricing.  AT&T bundled packages are more affordable because they rely upon using their existing copper wiring to transmit information.  AT&T does plan to switch to fiber connections gradually over the next few years.  U-Verse® wins over FiOS on pricing.

Both FiOS and U-Verse® offer cool features to consumers.  With FiOS, customers can access Facebook and Twitter on their TVs.  The sharing ability between PC and flat panel is amazing.  With U-Verse®, consumers have the ability to record up to four programs at once.  Wonderful!  It is a toss-up on who wins on best cool features.  Both FiOS and U-Verse® offer uniquely different features.  It truly depends on the consumer’s interests.

Ok, we have provided you with a quick breakdown.  Now it is your turn to vote.  Which one do you feel is better?

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