Are you in the market to replace your current flat panel TV? Do you have to purchase a TV for your TV lift cabinet? CNET offers a great resource for consumers looking to purchase flat panel TVs. Their posted reviews and feature articles are detailed and really break down the pros, cons, special features and what you’re getting for your money. For example, the article “Samsung, 2011 Plasma, LED TVs priced, shipping” has great comparisons with information on cost and when the particular model will be available for sale. There are full articles about Samsung and Panasonic’s new line up and seemingly endless reviews for any model you may be considering for your home. I really love the handy ‘Master Feature Chart’ available for reference on the Samsung page. Similar to our Printable Measurement Guide, it is a must-see before purchasing a TV for your TV lift cabinet. If you’re looking for a quick reference guide with easy browsing and detailed reviews – check out CNET’s review page!