Have you ever been in a train station minding your own business when out of nowhere music starts playing?  A few people begin to dance.  Suddenly, hundreds of people start breaking out into choreographed dance.  Then just as quickly the song ends and everyone scatters as if nothing has happened.  Well, if this has happened to you, you have been officially mobbed.  For the folks who have not had the pleasure of seeing this live, raise your TV lift cabinet, turn on the TV and change the channel to the Fox network. The Fox network just aired last Thursday, its special episode hosted by Howie Mandel called "Mobbed" featuring a surprise engagement.  In the episode, a man proposes to his girlfriend with the help of a flash mob.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the special drew in 10.8 million viewers.  The special performed so well that Fox decided to order 8 more episodes of Mobbed.