“Green Lantern” opened at the box office this weekend to much hype. The latest addition to the long list of comic book adaptations was estimated to pull in $55-$60 million domestically in its opening weekend. As the sales amounts begin to trickle in, it appears that the film fell short of expectations bringing in only $52.7 million from 3,816 screens. It’s worth noting that “Green Lantern” has approximately $200 million to make.

In the past, comic book movies have been big hits in theaters so “Green Lantern’s” performance comes as a shock. Two other comic book based films have opened recently, “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” – both of these films out-performed “Green Lantern”. Like many comic book and action films, “Green Lantern” had a widespread 3D release. It debuted on 2,711 3D screens yet still underperformed when compared to its counterparts.

Box Office analysts reported that from Friday to Saturday, ticket sales dropped a whopping 22%. In comparison, “X-Men” and “Thor” only dropped 8% between Friday and Saturday the weekend that they opened. For more information on this weekend’s box office numbers, check Variety Magazine’s article.

Did you check out “Green Lantern” this weekend or are you waiting to watch it on your flat panel in your TV lift cabinet?